We always have to cover a classic mythological creature. We aren’t going over the Game of Thrones dragons, as much as we love the mother of dragons. We’re talking about the one, the only…European Dragon.

european dragon.jpg

European Dragon | Europe

“Powerful winged reptile that breathes fire and hoards treasure.”

Basic Facts:

  • Dragons blood contains unique power, keeping them alive longer and “giving them poisonous or acidic properties.”
  • There’s no doubt there are evil dragons, but there are also good ones. Those usually give advice to heroes.
  • Speaking of good dragons, that’s only become a recent thing. They’ve become allies or tamable creatures. Prior to the 19th century, dragons were only written as enemies.
  • Most caricatures of European dragons include wings…but oddly enough, most of these dragons were hidden underground with their treasures.
  • European dragons come in all shapes and sizes. Each country has their own story behind their mythological creature.