Pinpointing your genre is an important part of your writing and publishing process. Focusing on a specific genre can help establish your niche, which in term helps you market your writing. Today we will focus on romance subgenres. 

Historical Romance

Writing a historical romance requires a lot of research, but it of course is worth it in the end! With books/shows like Outlander and Bridgerton historical romance is a hot commodity!

So pick a time in history! Be prepared to switch up the diction and introduce characters occupying roles such as a duke!

Contemporary Romance

Opposite of a historical romance, contemporary romance is focused in more modern times. More often than not there’s a happy ending involved, with realistic scenarios or outcomes. 

Erotic Romance

This explicit type of romance is characterized by sexualized characters. This subgenre can be fun too because it can intertwine with other subgenres such as science fiction. 

Paranormal, Sci-Fi, or Fantasy Romance

These subgenres can be separated into their own category, but for this purpose we will group them together. These types of novels are usually set in a different world and where you can really let your creative side run wild! Create your own words and way of life! Or do some paranormal research and do your own spin on vampires, werewolves etc. 

Young Adult Romance

The potline is key in young adult romance. You can probably guess how this one goes, and a lot of other tropes can be involved such as a bully romance or friends to lovers. Check out our how to write a friends to lovers novel here

This was a quick run down of some subgenres in romance. If this is something you would like to look into more let us know! We would be happy to do a deeper dive! 

Happy Writing!