You want to finish your book, but your thoughts are running faster than your fingers…don’t worry, here are some ways you can increase your writing speed!

  1. Write everyday

First and foremost to get better at writing faster you have to practice everyday. For those who have been reading The Write Nook for a while now, you know how much we encourage writing everyday even if it’s just in your personal journal. 

  1. Use an outline

Having a guide to your writing style is a great way to stay on track and help you write faster. If you know what you want to write it cancels out a lot of stopping time. 

  1. Write now, edit later

Do all of your editing and revising after you finish writing. This will again save you time in the long run and help keep your thoughts on track. 

  1. Fix your posture

If you notice that you slouch while writing or writing in a weir position, try fixing your posture. This will keep you more comfortable and willing to write and will help your thoughts reach your fingertips!

  1. Challenge yourself

Make a fun game out of it! You want to write faster, try setting goals on your word count. 

Happy Writing!