Everyone has their memes to get them through the day. We have so many personal favorites to spice up our posts, we thought it was about time we shared some with you all. Plus, it’s nice to sit back and laugh at the accomplishments (or lack thereof) when it comes to working on our writing. Let the memes begin!

First of all, we are starting with the meme everyone can relate to: I have an idea, but haven’t started it yet. Mainly because it’s a tough one to go home after a full day’s worth of work, and put your eyes on a screen if that’s all you’ve done for the work day. Fear not, Lisa Simpson understands your feelings more than you probably know.

Next up, we’ve got a meme for our writers who like the darker side of things. Jim Halpert always mirrors our emotions even at the strangest of times. Writing about things you wouldn’t usually write about (i.e. murder) could be quite alarming for those who don’t know you as a person…or even for those who do know you.

It’s happened to every writer in the history of writing: making characters suffer and enjoying every second of it. Don’t feel bad about this. J.K. Rowling probably made the same face when she was killing off characters in Harry Potter. It’s every writers’ guilty pleasure

We know what you’re thinking…another meme about killing off characters?! Well, yeah. It’s a guilty pleasure. Plus, nothing is better than building something beautiful then tearing it apart to make another character stronger after they’ve been broken. There’s reason behind the madness…I swear!

Then after everything has been said and done: here comes the editing. Sure, you wrote it now…but who made it sound so awful? Definitely not you! Someone must have written it while you were sleeping or something. All in all, editing isn’t fun. And this face is very relevant.


But this is the most important one. Because why are you reading this post when you should be writing? 😛