Welcome to Writing Wednesday, the day where we can finally turn over a page into the second half of the week and begin our weekend countdowns. Writing Wednesday is for writing motivation and those who are feeling the tough end of a writers block. Or if you just love a good ounce of motivation, inspiration, and moments of exploring the mind fields of creativity. Writing every single day will help keep your mind consistent in creating content and ideas for future story-lines. When writing the first word people may say to you, “Oh you got this, keep going!”. But those people may just receive an evil stare because getting past the first word is more difficult than previously thought.

So get on your comfiest jacket and head outside, wander into nature, become the next Robert Frost and scribble some simple words down a page that may just become your most profound words later on. Stay in, cozy up into your slippers and robe while searching google with the first word that pops into your head. Write down the words that describe how you are feeling. Those human emotions could turn into a story about life, or an imaginative world with human like additions. But also think, does your imaginative world have characters that feel non-human emotions or do they go through out of this world stages of life that are nothing like puberty or a mid-life crisis?

Your writing may start with earthly foundations and societal influences but you can find inspiration in those emotions, experiences, or perspectives to bring about a creative journey through the galaxy, or a world where real mythological creatures exist. So, on this first Writing Wednesday we can start with a few drafting ideas that you can pull bits and pieces of stories from. Or you could use these drafting ideas as a foundation for your next great hero or love connection. 

  1. Take the first word that comes to mind and search that word in google. Come up with a story that stems from that word and the articles that follow. 
  2. While you are sitting at a restaurant, bar, on public transport listen in to what people are saying around you. If there is an interesting conversation happening, have your notebook out. You can write it down for later and create a story line from whatever you hear. 
  3. When you visit an environment that you absolutely love, try to describe it in detail and draw a picture with your words. Keep it in a notebook where you can look back and when you need inspiration or help creating a setting, these written out pictures will be the best for your writing. 
  4. One well known way to create a story is to keep a notebook by your bed at night and whenever you wake up after a really weird dream, write it all down for the next day. You can pull it apart, analyze it and make a writing prompt from it’s odd features.

These are just four ways you can get rid of your writer’s block and create a story-line for your next series or standalone book. Hopefully they’ll help you produce some writing that excites and sings to the imaginative universe. Sometimes all your writer’s block needs is a little bit of a writing prompt, even if they seem like a minute and unnecessary detail to the beginning of the writing process.  Check back next Writing Wednesday for some more inspiring writing ideas!

 Now roll over to that keyboard and type like you mean it!