No matter what kind of writer you are, you need a dedicated space where you can be productive without distractions. You need a space where you love working that can inspire you and keep you focused! So continue and find out how you can enhance your writing space!

  1. Choose your space.

This may seem obvious, but you need to find your own space that you are happy with. Don’t go with your obvious choice either, take a look at your space and weigh out your options. 

  1. Make it comfortable.

Start with your desk and work from there, you will be spending most of your time there anyway. You want positive feelings all around! Hang up your favorite photos or quotes and make it feel like your own. Use colors that bring you joy rather than worrying about everything coming together perfectly. 

  1. Add a plant.

You’d be amazed as to how adding a simple plant can heighten your mood, or put your mind at ease. Many studies show that plants can reduce stress too!

Consider something small and easy to take care of like an air plant (Tillandsia), snake plant (Sansevieria), philodendron, or a spider plant.

  1. Pay attention to placement. 

Height plays a very important role with all factors. The height of your desk, your computer, the top of the shelf. You want everything to be easily reachable and set in a way where it doesn’t strain your body. You may even want to consider getting a standing desk. 

  1. Get the right light. 

Lighting! Lighting! Lighting! It plays a very significant role in your writing space. Natural light would be best, but sometimes we don’t all have that luxury. The next best thing to natural lighting is LED lighting. When doing night time work, you will want to avoid blue lighting, so try and find something more warm. 

  1. Limit distraction. 

Turn the TV off and try to tune into your work. Put the gadgets away and anything that can distract you. Check out our post Motivational Apps To Start Your Day Right for apps to help you reach your work goals. And if noises distract you try investing in a pair of noise canceling headphones. 

  1. Declutter regularly. 

You don’t want your workspace to feel like a chore. So make sure it is up to your clean standard after you finish working. A cluttered desk will not inspire creativity! Everything around you should be in support of your goals. 

  1. Consider having multiple screens. 

These are not for distraction! But imagine having a screen where you can begin your story/write ideas and another where you can conduct research. It might boost your productivity and keep you focused on your current topic.

  1. Display your inspiration. 

This one is so important we need to say it in a few ways. Constantly seeing your goals and writing them out is a great way to achieve them! Read our Vision Board post for some more inspiration on how you can create your own vision board and reach your goals faster!

  1. Fill your space with the things you love!

Don’t forget to put your personal flare on everything– and we mean it!