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G. Bailey

G. Bailey

G. Bailey is from the very rainy U.K. where she lives with her husband, two children, three cheeky dogs and one cat who rules them all.
A few random facts about her…
She loves tea. (She may be​ a little obsessed but what Brit isn’t?)
Chocolate and Harry Potter marathons are her jam.
She owns way too many notebooks and random pens.​

Find her at — www.gbaileyauthor.com

List of all her releases in reading order-

Her Guardians Series (Complete)-
Winter’s Guardian (Book one)
Winter’s Kiss (Book Two)
Winter’s Promise (Book Three)
Winter’s War (Book Four)

Her Fate Series-
(Her Guardians Series spinoff)
Adelaide’s Fate (Book one)
Adelaide’s Trust (Book Two)
Adelaide’s Storm (Coming soon)

Lost Time Academy-
Tales & Time (Book One)
Tales & Dreams (Book Two)
Tales & Darkness (Book Three)
Lost Time Academy Box Set with bonus novella.

The Demon Academy-
Sinful as Hell (Book One)
Ruthless as Hell (Book Two)

Saved by Pirates Series (Complete)-
Escape the sea (Book One)
Love the sea (Book Two)
Save the Sea (Book Three)
Saved by Pirates Collection with bonus content.
Lost Heir (Stand-alone based on Everly coming out soon)

The Forest Pack Series (Complete)-
Run Little Wolf- (Book One)
Run Little Bear- (Book Two)
Run Little Prince (Book Three)
The Forest Pack Collection

Protected by Dragons Series (Complete and in the same world as Her Guardians/Her Fate series)-
Wings of Ice-(Book One)
Wings of Fire- (Book Two)
Wings of Spirit- (Book Three)
Wings of Fate- (Book Four)
Wings of Dragca- (Book Five)
Wings of Ice and Fire Collection (With exclusive bonus content)

From The Stars-
True Light- (Book One)
Dark Soul- (Book Two)
Shadow Kiss (Coming soon)

A Demon’s Fall Series (Complete)-
Runes of Truth- (Book One)
Runes of Mortality- (Book Two)
Runes of Black Magic- (Book Three)
Runes of Royalty- (Book Four)
Death Marked Witch (Coming Soon)

The Secret Gods Series-
A Name Like Karma (Book One)
A Name Like Justice (Book Two)
A Name Like Revenge (Coming Soon)

The King Brothers Series (Complete)-
Secret (Book One)
Chance (Book Two)
Past (Book Three
Fall (Book Four)
Revenge (Book Five)

The Familiar Empire-
The Missing Wolf (In the Petting Them Anthology)
The Found Wolf (Coming soon)

The Forsaken Gods Trilogy (Co-wrote with CoraLee June)-
Eternal Soul (Book One)
Eternal Heart (Book 1.5 in Love Potion Anthology)
Eternal Bond (Book 2 out soon)

List of Standalones-
The Deadly Game (Stand-alone co-wrote with CoraLee June)
Strip for Me
Resisting Them (Standalone Novella)
Try To Ruin Me (Based in the King Brothers Series World)

The Alpha Brothers-
No Alpha (Book One)
No Claim (Book Two)
Vampire Captive (Book Three)
Yes Alpha box set

The Marked Series (Co-written with Cece Rose)-
Marked by Power- (Book One)
Marked by Pain- (Book Two)
Marked by Destruction- (Book Three)
The Marked Box Set

Her Guardians official​ colouring book.
A Demons Fall official colouring book.

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