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Vivian Lux

Vivian Lux

Vivian Lux is a penname for author Theresa Leigh, a romance author whose love of reading is so intense, she sometimes injures herself by walking around with her nose in a book. She loves writing stories that have you feeling every emotion… sometimes all on the same page. 

After five years of writing romance under a penname, Theresa finally decided to own up to how she was spending her all time. Her mother now knows all about the kinds of books she writes. She reacted more positively to it than Theresa expected. 

Theresa lives and writes in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York State (not the city) (that distinction is important to her), where she lives with her husband, twin sons and twin orange cats, Pumpkin and Jackie O’Lantern. When she’s not writing or reading, she enjoys eating too much Thai food, walking around barefoot, and cooing baby talk at her cats. 

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