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Robyn Wideman

Robyn Wideman

New York Times Best Selling Author Robyn Wideman is a lover of all things fantasy, from epic and steampunk to urban and paranormal.

His best selling Stoneblood Saga and the Dragonblood Sagas are fun children’s and teen fantasy stories for all ages filled with adventure and magic.

If you love teen fantasy with a kick-ass heroine check out the Hanna Halfblood series.

For more adult flavored fantasy stories you will want to check these titles out:

Savage: Kyra is a beautiful and sassy woman, who also happens to be a thief. When Prince Astar turns to her for help she goes to the one person she trusts, Bazur, the half-orc brawler from the badlands. 16+

Rogue: A reclusive warrior who wants to be left alone, and occasionally exact a degree of revenge against the kingdom that betrayed him, finds his life changed when he protects a young woman from assassins. 13+

For more check out my site, robynwideman.com

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