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Piper Trace

Piper Trace

Piper Trace likes to write sweet love stories with just the right amount of filth.

Her life as a lawyer and a cog in a large corporate wheel was killing her soul. She escaped by telling her coworkers she was busy during lunch, and sat in her car with a notebook to write sizzling tales of romance and heartbreak. She guarded that notebook as if it was her greatest treasure, because it was. Now she’s quit her corporate job to write romance full-time.

When not writing, Piper repurposes old furniture, sews poorly and builds things fairly well. Her DIY work can be found at www.dropdeadthrifty.com, which she runs for fun with her DIY partner, New York Times bestselling author Sidney Bristol. Piper uses her writing money to buy new tools.

She lives in Ohio with her military hero husband, her two young kids, a big fluffy dog, and a canary. Her tee-shirt reads, “Will write for power tools”.

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Piper Trace
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