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Melanie Walker

Melanie Walker

My name is Melanie Walker and I have had an affair with reading since I was nine. That is the only way to describe how passionate I am about books. I started out writing poems and then short stories. Then, it happened. I had always wanted to write a book, but foolishly thought I needed a degree, an agent and publisher to even see my book in print. My first book was a Novella titled “Claimed”. After I finished the novella, I felt like I was on top of the world. I swore it was good and knew it would be published… not so much.

After spending some serious time on the Internet and researching, I decided to give it a shot again. I had just finished the Twilight series and I was desperate for the next big vampire romance, but on an adult level and much; much darker. I wrote “Maks”, a novel of The Crew. Another paranormal piece and I can honestly say that it will forever be my baby.

My first published piece is “Bliss” and I didn’t do the whole PR thing like I have with Awakened, Ugly, Perfect and TAT. I told my friends and let it get recognized by word of mouth. Now, with TAT ending on a high note and so far, some seriously awesome reviews, I am taking the time to set up shop and stay for a while. I never knew that work could be so much fun, until the day I said, “Screw it”, and went for my dreams. It has been a scary and amazing ride, but I am glad I did it because there is NOTHING I want more!

I have five perfect children. No really, they are. I was born and raised in Utah, but was lucky enough to live in Bellevue Washington for a few years. I currently reside in a small hick town with my dude, AKA love of my life, Jerame Sorenson. I hang with the two coolest friends ever and have nothing to complain about.
I’m blessed to have found the success I have as an author and am so thankful to have such amazing readers, but equally blessed to have a family that is ride or die and we support each other through everything, right or wrong.
With TAT having come to an end I can’t wait to start in on the PIT: Paradox Ink Tattoo trilogy and hopefully they’ll love this new arrangement of tortured broken heroes!

You can connect with me on facebook at : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Melanie-Walker/149336025099602?ref=hl

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