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Maggie Kirton

Maggie Kirton

Creative writing has been a passion since the age of three when Maggie had a big red book of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Unable to read at that age, she slept with the book under her pillow with her hand tucked between the pages in the hope that the words would come to her in her sleep. 

Her love of the written word and the physical & mental process of creative writing has led her to test the waters of the Fantasy Fiction genre. 

Maggie is available for speaking engagements with schools and Survivors via live online video messaging and is committed to bringing awareness to the residual effects of Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, and Violent Crimes.

Contact Maggie: 
Website: www.wynter.ca 
Facebook: facebook.com/maggiekirton.myfirefly
Twitter: @maggiekirton
Agent: Sarah A. Hershman www.hershmanrightsmanagement.com

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Maggie Kirton
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