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Kate Wrath

Kate Wrath

Kate Wrath is the author of the E series and the Fairytale Evolution series. She resides in the high mountain deserts of the southwestern US. Kate believes in literature as an art form, world peace, and animal rights, but aspires to write total trash that is full of senseless violence, with characters who eat house pets.

The E Series (listed by intended reading order):

E (Book One)
Evolution (Book Two)
Eden (Book Three)*
Jason and Lily (The Prequel)*
Elegy (Book Four)
Endgame (Book Five)

* Eden and Jason and Lily are companion books that are meant to be read closely together.

Fairytale Evolution:

Flipped (Book One)
The Dark Road (Book Two, coming soon)

You can connect with Kate on her website at http://www.katewrath.com, on Twitter (@KateWrath), Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/katewrath

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Kate Wrath
Sci-Fi Fantasy
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