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Bree Livingston

Bree Livingston

Bree Livingston lives in the West Texas Panhandle with her husband, children, and cats. She’d have a dog, but they took a vote and the cats won. Not in numbers, but attitude. They wouldn’t even debate. They just leveled their little beady eyes at her and that was all it took for her to nix getting a dog. Her hobbies include…nothing because she writes all the time.

She loves carbs, but the love ends there. No, that’s not true. The love usually winds up on her hips which is why she loves writing romance. The love in the pages of her books are sweet and clean, and they definitely don’t add pounds when you step on the scale. Unless of course, you’re actually holding a Kindle while you’re weighing. Put the Kindle down, and try again. Also, the cookie because that could be the problem too. She knows from experience.

The Clean Billionaire Romance Series:

1. Her Pretend Billionaire Boyfriend
2. Her Second Chance Billionaire Sweetheart
3. Her Broken Billionaire Boss
4. Her Fake Billionaire Fiancé
5. Her Stranded Billionaire Mix-Up

The Clean Fake Relationship Romance Series:

1. The Cowboy’s Fake Marriage
2. The Star’s Fake Marriage
3. The Bodyguard’s Fake Marriage
4. The Matchmaker’s Fake Marriage
5. The Beast’s Fake Marriage

Stand Alone Romance:

Love and Charity

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