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AB Whelan

AB Whelan

A.B. Whelan resides in sunny Southern California with her family, among soccer fields, manicured lawns, and beautiful homes, where everybody’s lives ‘seem’ perfect. Here is where she cooks up unique psychological thrillers that delve into suburbia life. Also, as a medical professional, she meets interesting people and draws inspiration from them for her characters.

She is a James Patterson Masterclass graduate and credits her writing style to her favorite suspense writers: Gillian Flynn, Liane Moriarty, and Paula Hawkins. 

Her first psychological thriller, 14 Days to Die, is about a good marriage gone terribly wrong. The book earned praise from reviewers and readers alike, describing it as, “…is like peeking in the window of your neighbor’s house … you just can’t turn your eyes away.” 

Her second psychological thriller, As Sick as Our Secrets, is about family secrets, a hidden journal, a girl gone missing, and an unorthodox serial killer. It’s been reviewed as, “a fast-paced tale that delves into a dark subject matter that should not be read by the faint-hearted.” 

Whelan also writes YA romantic fantasies, inspired by her fascination with the ancient Egyptian culture, 19th century London, and our vast universe. In her Fields of Elysium series, Kirkus Reviews describe the first book, “the novel’s take on otherworldly travel is a compelling one, and the romantic plot will likely appeal to Twilight fans.”

If you’d like to connect with A.B. Whelan, learn more about her books and giveaways, and read advanced material before anyone else, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, and Twitter. Or on her blog at abwhelan.blogspot.com.

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